4 Strategic Networking

Some initital idezsa

  • We are on the look out for great ideas
  • We know that means more effective linking up with others
  • that linking takes place in “networks”
  • understanding how networks funciton is a first step to using them more effectively

How networks function

  • what the elements of network connections?
  • first there is loyalty to the group – strong or weak
  • second there is synchronization of excchangebetween network nodes
  • third there is momentum towards a goal

Some basic rules

  • more dynamic networks use weak rather than strong links (strong links exclude)
  • synchronizing means building into routines – so a meet and greet at a conference is not going to produce effective connection
  • seeing momentum opportunities is key to make the ntetwork prodcue – that means sharing a core storyline

Value added purposes of networking

  • to diwscover new ideas
  • to see enhanced capacities in new discoveries
  • to match capacities with demand
  • to build prototypes and bring products to market
  • to link to business models

In each case, the network needs

  • a name – it hsa to have an identity that is bigger than the individuals in it
  • a channel or channels – the means for exchanging data
  • a schedule – so that members can anticipate and participate in ecxhanges
  • a culture – to guarantee open and positive exchanges



This is the fourth level strategy course

example – Proterra partnering with Reno

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