Seeing Beyond Your Nose

We have already discussed the thing that makes strategy mysterious. Strategy positions us for the future. But we cannot see the future. So we “fly by instruments”.

But strategy is mysterious for a second reason. That second reason has to do with what we DO see in front of us. Think about it. When you look around you, what do you see? Most people would answer that they see “things” (including people). And on the surface this is correct. But if we only see the surface of things, we miss out on how they came to be and where they are going. It is like taking a photo of a scene in a movie.

We inherit this idea from the Greeks. Plato wrote about how everything around us is the concrete expression of more perfect archetypes.  In other words, the ultimate is here, but not readily visible.

This is very important starting point to practice our focus. How much are we wedded to the surface of things? How easily do we see what is behind them? The first step is to believe that we can this. And we can.

don’t believe me? If you have learned to drive a car, you have already experienced what I am talking about. The first thing you need to do is to practice looking farther down the road. Why? That is the only way to keep the car going straight. When you do this, you become less sensitive to bumps and momentary shocks that happen in life. And you start to become more sensitive to the big strategic challenges that are ahead.

To get started, think about what is visible and what is invisible in your life. What do you want to see?

for example, we don’t want to see robots, but we do want automation.

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