Lee Duckworth – Grit

Dave Logan – on tribal leadership

Lucky Strike and Jack Benny

Jane McGonigal – on how gaming builds resilience

Kelly McGonnigal . making stress your friend

Roger McNamee – at the Paley Center on html5 and the next opportunity.

Dave Meslin – Barriers to engagement (TED)

Pranav Mistry on reducing the gap between digital and real worlds 

Rebecca Onie – On rethinking how to improve health care with different sorts of interventions

Dean Ornish – rethinking how to be more healthy

Randy Pausch – on gaming

Dan Pink – on motivation 

Matt Ridley . Ideas having sex

Britta Riley on window farming

Rives .- Playing with perspective and discovery

Ken Robinson on how schools kill creativity 

Richard Sadoway on inventing new batteries and mentoring

Tim Sanders – Elmer Letterman networking

Bruce Schneier on real and apparent risks

Seth Shostak – SETI as a way to instill interest in science 

Kathryn Schultz on how we overvalue certainty and undervalue being wrong

Simon Sinek – Starting from Why

12/2011 discussed by Cringely

Andrew Stanton – Building stories from the punchline

Colin Stokes – How Movies Teach Manhood (TED)

Rory Sutherland – Perspective is Everything (TED)

Don Tapscott – Principles of openness —  collaboration, transparency, sharing, and empowerment, 

Jill Bolte Taylor – what having a stroke taught her about her brain

Bill Ury – the 18th camel 

Dan Yergin, The Prize  õ

Ben Zander on having fun

Phil Zimbardo on seeding the earth with heroes

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