If you re interested in getting smarter — and most of us are — you need to work at it over time. Being smart is not a characteristic that is fixed, but instead either grows or atrophies.

So what type of work? If you want to learn more comment here and I will get back to you with a few options. These options are being formalized and will be available via subscription.

2 thoughts on “Subscribing”

  1. Hi your strategy topic interested me. The Google article on teams was fascinating. Highly authoritative coming from Google the master of patterns. The company I own spends a ridiculous amount of money to Google because of what it does for us so I have some familiarity of their uniqueness and power. The article was particularly engaging because my company is starting to grow by teams and we need to learn how to make successful teams. I would to see the crown jewels of your blog. What do I need to do next?

    1. Hi and welcome! The Google article is a gem.

      I am pleased to help out, and — as you seem to be mainly focused on team building — I have a suggestion.

      Team building revolves around three main topics. The first is facilitating a transfer of loyalty from individual to group. The challenge here is to build engagement in the group as a project. As the Google article points out, how people interact in a group is critical. The second is structuring a dialogue within and between teams in an organization in order to sustain strategic progress. The challenge here is to keep learning vibrant. As Nokia found out, even great groups can turn into “knowledge silos” which can defeat the strategic purpose of the organization. The third is facilitating scaling (growth). The challenge here is to maintain focus over time. Meeting this challenge allows firms to build quality rather than slide to mediocrity as they grow. Each of the above topics is important and each connects with the other two.

      I can direct you to resources that discuss each of these issues and I can develop a custom program that would help your firm take over and use the concepts´as a package.

      If that sounds interesting, send a reply comment with your email (let me know if you are concerned about privacy, and I will delete the email address immediately upon receipt) and we can discuss building this as a project.

      What do you think?

      Michael Gallagher

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