one day course

The course has three parts

  • intro
  • description of tools
  • plan for using tools


  • questions how did you get to where you are and where do you go from here?
    • CONCLUSION – we have a basic need to define ourselves and we usually do that by what we do
    • historically options were limited (1) by culture (2) by career
    • now things re changing – we can design our lives
    • can can think strategically to max our potential


  • creativity to see ourselves in a fresh light
    • creativity as per robinson – use of imagination
    • key tool – open the door to slow thinking kahneman
    • match aptitude and passion
  • aptitude
    • what we naturally do and are good at
      • balerina
      • my brother and empathy
      • my brother in law – visual
    • boil it down to a thing we do – talk, write, organize, etc.
  • passion
    • dan pink 3 categories (1) great purpose (2) mastery, (3) autonomy
    • think what purposes you fit into
  • medium
    • what medium brings out your aptitudes?
  • tribs
    • what tribes support your practice?


  • how do we track – tool and measure
  • what do we track
    • z<one – activity and return
    • financial needs
    • health
    • mentors
    • ecology
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