Post Career Planning

The goal of this project is to develop and offer a short term course on how to think through post-career strategy.

1. The core idea

2. Winning Re-visited

3. Moving from Seeing to Doing

4. At the top of your game at 80

5. Disengage to Re-engage

6. Pursuing autonomy

7. Retiring at 27?

8. Start with a hypothesis

  • post career attitude is about causing impact

9. Tracking Progress

10. Can You build community?

11. phases and trade offs

12. re-thinking how we connect

13. Awe as the magic elixir to slow time down

14. The Need for Building Ecologies

15. Loving who you are

16. The course intro

17. managing your health

18. a training philosophy to upgrade performance

19 Slow is good

20. Why people retire early

21. Wilson on the freelancing trend

22. The wisdom of starting small

23. Some data on the trend to self-employment

24. Ina Garten on having fun

25. influence and keeping options open

26 Comfort as the enemy

27. Transitions take time

28. Career challenges and TED talks

29. The next phase of capitalism

30. The value of deep work

31. Alain de Botton – pleasures and sorrows of work

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