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Apple’s Attempt to Build Ecolocy

When the IPad was debuted, no one was sure if it would sell. After all, Amazon had already come out with its e-reading platfomr, the Kindle. What would the Ipad do better?

As it turned out, the Ipad did lots of things that the Kindle did not do. Sure it could be used as an e-reader. But it could also be used as a TV, as a newspaper, as a recipe book and on and on. This added functionality was intoxicating and the promise of ever more functionality via the Apple app store added credibility.

But … Ipad sales have started to sag. What is wrong? Part of the problem is that the Ipad itself has not developed its distinctive ecology fast enough to make it an essential product. Apple is now trying to kick start this with a new ad campaign called “Everything Changes with an Ipad”. The hypothesis is that people will buy Ipads when they learn how much it can really do.

This is worth following.

Elizabeth Warrn is Someone

Who is Bill Clinton? Before you answer, you have to think for a second. That is because Bill Clinton does the same thing. Before he does stuff, he thinks about what you want him to do. At least in part, he is who he thinks you want him to be.

We call that being the “ultimate politician”. And one has to admit that Bill is pretty damned good at it. Of course, he is not alone. He just does it better than a lot of other folks do.

Is that the only way to do politics? Of course not. Another way is to have the courage of your convictions. To say out what you think in order to be more proud of who you are. This is why I like the way Elizabeth Warren handles herself in Washington. Check out her comment on Eric Cantor’s new job on Wall Street.

“Participant media” and Impact

As a lawyer, I know that it is not easy to persuade people. It is even harder to move people to act. This is why negotiation is an art form. I also know that we rarely think about how effective our communications are. We assume that people hear what we say. They generally don’t. And even when they do, they interpret our ideas into their agendas. Oops!

This has always been important. But it is more important these days when we communicate much more at a distance (where we cannot see the reactions to our messaging – like in blogging). Can we get better at this? Sure. Lot’s of folks are working on measuring effects and learning from what works Participant media, for example, is an entity that is trying to learn how to measure the impact of social messaging in films. They need to read Bob Cialdini’s famous book “Influence” among other efforts to track this.  They might also check out Jonah Berger’s “Contagious”.

And for the rest of us? That’s right! Time to re-think how we do messaging. Join the adventure!