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Ray Bradbury: Do you Hate Work?

I confess. I have a bias against work. I mean that I prefer leisure to being in the office. And I know that I am not alone. That is why the word “work” conveys a different emotional slug than the word “play”.

There has been lots of talk recently about changing this. Work and play could be more similar. Or at least we can bring more aspects of play into work. That is what drives the “gamification” idea, seeking to bring about more engagement.

But there is more to this than just the work setting and work culture. It is about “us” too. As Ray Bradbury pointed out in his book “Zen in the Art of Writing”, we have to be clear eyed about whether we love what we do.  I believe that this is not something that you just either feel or not. It is the result of nurturing. That is what “strategic learning” is all about! Join the adventure!

Sandor Felix Katz – For the Love of Pickles

Sandor wrote the book called “The Art of Fermentation“.  Why should we care? Because we are just now discovering that fermenting is great for the microbe ecology in out tunnies.

In the Introduction, Sandor says it all started with a love of pickles.  I love that story. A guy who followed a path from pickles to the mysteries of the organism.  Now that is a learning story.  It is one of a genre. Back in 1948, Angelo Pellegrini told a similar tale in “The Unprejudiced Palate“.

These stories are about food … sort of. They are also about how we develop who we are in life. By making certain strategic choices based on things that we love.