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Curating TED Talks

There are so many TED talks around, it is hard to keep track of them. So I liked this list. But needing a list brings out a fundamental weakness of the TED ecology.

What is that? Well, TED talks should START conversations. And no doubt they do. But we do not have a tool to easily FOLLOW the conversations that get started. And so TED talks tend to be “on off” or “ad hoc” injections of ideas, etc. We need a TED thread tool.

TV Will Never Make it!

So said the NYT back in

Television will never be a serious competitor to radio

Hmmm … and why not? Because with radio you can move around. You need to sit still and watch the boob tube. No one had time just to sit around like that!

But Ken Robinson points out

The fault line in the Times’ assessment was to judge (TV) in terms of contemporary cultural values where there seemed to be no place for it. In fact, television was not squeezed into existing American culture; iut changed the culture forever.

Fred Wilson: It’s Nice Having Friends

Wouldn’t it be great if any time you had a question, you could just turn to a panel of experts and get their input? Sort of like what the president of the US gets in the oval office. And sort of what CEO’s of great corporations can get whenever they want. This advice does not solve your problem, you still have to make your own decisions. But it can give you insights and present options.

So these guys do it. And what about the rest of us? Normally, we cannot get this service on demand. But that is not because there are no people around who could give us advice. We just are not connected.

This is one thing that blogging can do — if you can build a community. Fred Wilson gives a good example in his blog. A question popped up about tech business strategy.  Luckily for Fred, he runs one of the more popular tech business blogs around. So Fred posted on the question, and asked his followers what they thought. Boom! Last I checked, there were 222 comments. Instant advisory panel. Very cool

Can we do this? In theory, yes. In practice, no. Why not? One reason is that we are not set up to ask questions this way. We are not prepared to get the advice that is out there. That, of course, can be fixed if we choose to do so. We prepare  by formulating and implementing a connection strategy.

Join the adventure!

Ernesto Sirolli – Strategy as Listening

Most often, we get absorbed in what we need to do. Whether it is what we need to do at work or at home, we are the actor on the stage. We need to make things happen.  And this attitude gets us into trouble more often than we would like to believe. Especially when we do things based on what we believe rather than what exists around us.

Ernesto Sirolli brings this out very nicely in his TED talk. And the point here is not just that we should listen more in order to become more effective. This is true but the problem is  more severe. People who would like to do things (entrepreneurs) tend to be isolated. No one wants to listen to them.  And so they fail too frequently.  We all suffer as a result.

So by listening more effectively you get a better sense of your own possibilities and potential connections. You are better off, and you are better positioned to make connections work.

Editorial – The Declining Value of Assertion

The other day, I found out about a new technology that is under development.  This new technology would replace the “comment” sections that we see so frequently on the web.

It is about time! The invitation to comment produces a chaos of assertion and in most cases it has little lasting value. On the other hand, invitations are critical strategic tools. And invitations to join into learning ecologies based on what you read might start leveraging the innate curiosity that we all have.

So don’t post a comment here. Consider this post instead, an invitation to think more carefully about strategy.