Berger: Contagious

here are links to a series that sums of Jonah Berger’s book “Contagious” and key questions that should be discussed

1. Why do messages go viral?

2. Social Currency Basics

  • Does talking about your idea make people look good?
  • Can you find the inner remarkability?
  • Leverage game mechanics?
  • Make people feel like insiders?

3. Triggers and Breakfast

Consider the context:

  • What cues make people think about your product or idea?
  • How can you grow the habitat and make it come to mind more often?

4. Using Emotions

Focus on feelings

  • Does talking about your product or idea generate emotion?
  • How can you kindle the fire?

5. Social Proof (making private public)

  • Does your idea advertise itself?
  • Can people see when others are using it?
  • If not, how can you make the private public?
  • Can you create behavioral residue that sticks around even after people use it?

6. Practical Value and Reference Points

  • Does talking about your idea help people help others?
  • How can you highlight incredible value, packaging your knowledge and expertise into useful information others will want to disseminate?

7. Thinking In Terms of Narrative

  • What is your trojan horse?
  • Is your idea embodied in a broader narrative that people want to share?
  • Is the story not only viral, but also valuable?

8. Summing up

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