The thoughts in this  platform are all derived from source materials. Books and TED talks and other types of presentations that have inspired me to think more deeply about strategy and life design.

So I decided that I will start to digest these to make it easier to understand the key points. You can follow this via the posts below, or access a series of links here from the sub-menu


  • Sir Ken Robinson – The Element (I will be uploading the digest shortly)
  • Mihalyi Csikszentmihalyi – Flow
  • Dan Pink – To Sell is Human
  • Heath Bros – Decisive
  • Peter Drucker – The Effective Executive

Currently working on

  • Jonah Berger – Contagious
  • Lafley & Martin – Playing to Win

On the Runway

  • Dan Kahneman –  Thinking Fast and Slow
  • Sir Kenneth Clark Civilisation
  • Adam Grant – Give and Take the Revolutionary Path to Success
  • Bill Ury -The Power of a Positive No –
  • Fisher and Ury – Getting to Yes –
  • Dan Pink – Drive

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