This is a “learning platform”.

It was originally addressed to students and recent university graduates. And its goal is to help us understand more precisely how to incorporate strategic thinking into our lives.

Why bother? In the old days, you could argue that it was less important. The structures that society had built up guided our strategic choices. But we see more clearly these days that these structures are artificial and at times constraining. It is time to get strategic in fashioning our lives. To use learning instead of just absorbing it.

As I said, this was first meant for students to help them get started. But then I realized that there is a whole segment of society who live by their “strategic wits”. I call these people change agents. They may work as writers, entrepreneurs, community activists, whatever. But their agenda is to help the folks around them get to the “next step up”. They need this too. So I have broadened the target group.

Is this for you? Not if you want to be passive. If you want someone else to guide you in having a great life. The wait patiently for “the next big thing”. It is for you if you feel the need to build a life story yourself and get other folks to join in.

This could have been a book, but books have limitations. First, as you read through a book, it is hard to keep track of the path you are taking. That is a problem when it is important to keep the path in view. Second, books are fixed. The author writes them and they are done. They don’t allow for ongoing elaboration. But life is about ongoing elaboration, right?

This platform is meant to be better than a book. To get that “better than book” benefit, you need some sense of how to use it.

Like a book, there is some fixed text setting forth basic ideas. If you want to master the model, you need to master these ideas. You find it by clicking on the pages. These take you step by step through the core ideas from

  • Intro
  • Future
  • identity
  • Focus
  • Connect
  • Storify

You might have noticed that these, along with their sub-menus are password protected. Why? Well, these are the “crown jewels”, so to speak of this model. We don’t just throw the crown jewels out the window to the mob below. You can get access on request.

But reading this stuff is just the starting point. The text introduces ideas, but you need to master them. That means you need to practice and teach them. That is how you master skills.

To master skills, choose the thing you want to practice and focus on using that until it becomes second nature. Intuitive. To get ideas for these focus points, you can use the sub-menus under each page.

These sub-menus are being refreshed daily. I do this by incorporating links with further explanations to posts on the blog. You can follow the posts as you wish. As the sub-menus evolve,   this platform gets more nuanced. That improves the effectiveness of the model. And we improve the effectiveness of the model, we will create new iterations.

So, yes, this is an adventure. A game of sorts. This page offers a few suggestions for how to play. But you actually play the game in how you live, day by day.



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