How Do We Measure Learning?

by now, it is beyond debate that success in the 21st century will go to those who have the greatest learning capacity. These folks will be the ones who stay “ahead of the curve” and will add the most value to society. And they will be rewarded for that.

So how do we measure learning capacity? It is a critical question. Despite this, we can only answer the question based on school performance – success in exams.

BTW, some challenge the idea that those who score highest in exams are the best prepared for life.

Let’s assume that they have a point So what is the best indicator of learning capacity? How do we test ourselves and measure our improvement?

Sadly, we can’t, except in given contexts. So we might learn how to play the piano, or how to fix a leaky pipe. But learning these things doesn’t tell us much about our “learning IQ”. Mastering those challenges, for example, will not necessarily help us learn ho w to be a better parent or teacher or boss or citizen.

I am inclined to agree with Sir Ken Robinson. We need to re-think what we mean by learning and measurements of learning in order to help more people succeed in 21st century life.

Will we do this?`Stay tuned!



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