Why is Strategic Thinking So Important Now?

Before you go to the trouble of learning anything about strategy, you might want to consider whether it is worth the trouble.

What is the big deal?

Consider first, that you probably do not know the answer. Why not´? Because few if any of us are taught what strategic thinking is. There are no “strategy 101” classes, let alone “intermediate strategy” or “advanced strategic thinking” courses on offer at university. Not having any in depth understanding of what strategy is, we are not in a very good position to judge its value in our lives.

So what is strategy? The short answer is that it is the cognitive process that we employ to generate action in the face of the unknown.

So why would that be important? Consider that since the enlightenment, the west has come to accept and even need acceleration of discovery. We call it “innovation”. We do not know what types of innovations are available nor how they will affect how we live.

And in the 21st century, innovation, for example in AI, will radically change how we live.

Time for strategic thought on how we would like to live?

I thought you might agree.


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