The Scrum Steps

After listening to an HBR podcast on “Agile Management” I was curious about the scrum method of team organization. I am considering checking out Sutherland’s book.

In the meantime, here are the steps to implement a scrum

  1. Who is the Product Owner
  2. Who is on the team
  3. Who is the scrum master
  4. What is the Product Backlog
  5. What is the Product Backlog Estimate
  6. What is the Sprint Plan
  7. How to Make the Work Visible
  8. What is your Daily Scrum
  9. How does work get done
  10. What is your Sprint Retrospective
  11. What is the next sprint cycle

The point is to get teams to do a block of work autonomously in their “sprints”. Once the sprint is over, you get client input. The benefits seem to be

  • creating a better log of what work needs to be done as the basis for delegation
  • getting the team to tell you what they can do in a set period as a team
  • getting client input earlier

In a trusting environment, I can see how this could be fun.


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