A First Question: Who Are You?

We start here with a basic ideal that one must master in order to think strategically.

Just for fun, consider this question for a moment. You can answer it quickly by stating your name and as appropriate, few more handy descriptors. In doing so, you reaffirm what you believe to be true, and this continues the story along pre-fixed lines.

Or you might stop and ponder what is the best way to answer?

Let’s take that second path. How does one define oneself?  You might think carefully about the characteristics that you believe are your individual traits. Your individuality in a given context. Or you might go in the opposite direction and think about the characteristics that you share most broadly as a human in this particular period of time.

In other words, there is no right answer here. The process you use to generate an answer depends on the context at hand. This is where we begin to think strategically.

The basic idea

Strategy is needed when we cannot generate a right answer. It is different in that respect from planning, where we act on what we believe to be true.


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