EdCast and Modular Learning

The news came out today that EdCast has taken in a round of funding to further develop their enterprise focused digital learning tools.

The interesting thing about this is the approach. EdCast is targeting millennials in the workplace who want to get their learning in bite sized pieces. EdCast gives them access to thee morsels — from top rated sources. Firms like this in that it is cheaper than hiring those guys and gives their newcomers  broader access to learning materials in a digestible format.

I think this is part of our future. The bigger picture is learning more from everything we do, making it easier to upgrade how we do stuff, including but not limited to work. Having access to a stream of great insights 24/7 can help us in that quest.

But I think we also have a long way to go before a platform like EdCast can be life changing for users. My first issue is about selecting resources. Why do we think that university professors know what we need to know?

Think about that. And if they do not, who does? We need authoritative voices, but it is not at all clear where we can find them.


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