Imagine You Are Jordan Spieth Right Now

Jordan Spieth is a great golfer who was competing at the Masters Tournament. He won last year. And on the final day, things were looking great  BI tells the story

After birdies on the final four holes of the front-9, Spieth moved to 7-under and opened up what looked like an insurmountable 4-stroke lead. Social media rejoiced what seemed like a foregone conclusion — Jordan Spieth had just won his second-straight Masters.

Then disaster. He dumped two shots into the water on a par 3 and went on to lose.

So what now? Michael Jordan has some wisdom here. Jordan said that he lived in order to be the person who took the last shot in the game – the shot that would determine whether the club won or lost.  Right. He then said, that it didn’t matter to him whether that shot went in or not. He missed lots of times. What mattered is that he had mentally and physically prepared himself to the best of his ability. That was his intense focus point.

So now, Jordan Spieth knows that he put himself in that position. The shots didn’t fall this time. He needs to be grateful for having had the chance and get back to work for next time.


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