Corporate Culture Elements

We know that corporate culture is important. Good culture produces better performance. And what are the metrics for good culture? Forbes lists four

  • purpose
  • agility
  • empowered employees
  • living values

This is pretty standards stuff. But notice that the first three are abstract. Does any old purpose fit the bill? If not, when are purposes functional and when are they not? Ditto for agility. Do we sacrifice all in order to achieve the ultimate in agility? When should we be agile and how do we prepare for that moment?  And do we want our employees to be so empowered that they do not show up for work?

So what about living values. We all know that you need to 2walk the walk, not just talk the talk”. But which values are needed to make a culture vibrant?

My point — this type of vocabulary means nothing until it is connected to the ongoing dialogue about why the group is doing what it set out to do. It is context heavy.


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