Hot Spot Elements

Hot spots are places where we see unusually large amounts of innovative activity. Silicon Valley is the classic hot spot, though it is not the only one. Over time, folks have taken to copying what goes into a hot spot. Here are a few of those elements

  • problem solving cultural bias this means developing the expertise to see the world in light of skills and knowledge that unlock opportunity)
    • the university is the classic place where we teach this — or are supposed to do so. To make it so, the university must provide a place where credible expertise is built on a regular basis.
    • people with problem solving skills need to be rewarded
  • places for idea generation (strategic thinking that leads to attempts to try new things and build groups around those trials)
  • support to take idea to product or service (support includes community, finance and attention)
  • expertise on scaling ideas (taking an idea to a larger market is not easy)
  • tracking success and learning from failure
  • story lines that strengthen the culture

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