Some Quick Thoughts on Strategic Alignment

Fred Wilson wrote this in his blog today.

the longer I work in VC, the more I see misalignment between investors and founders.

And misalignment gets in the way of getting somewhere.

This is true more broadly as well. “alignment” is a great word to describe shared strategies, as in a team. But usually, we only worry about alignment when something bad happens. We don’t work on improving our alignment. Perhaps we assume that alignment is automatic. The sad news is that it is not. It is something that you have to work on.

I am thinking here of aligned strategies between people in a network. The networks we use these days are generally rather loose and do not promote alignment. So, for example, you see outrageous and hurtful comments to a rather innocent blog post.

So how do you promote alignment? This is something that was taught “on the playing fields of Eton”. It is less in vogue these days. We value our independence and autonomy more.

But my guess is that we will be talking about it more. Let’s see


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