From Efficient to Intelligent

We are products of the 20th century . All of us. As such, we carry inside us the deeply ingrained values of the 20th century. We cannot help it. And one of the most deeply ingrained values relates to efficiency. All things considered, adding value is about increasing efficiency.

Don’t believe it? Then why do you obsess over multi-tasking and productivity? Why are we all so busy?

But … just because 20th century man conducted a century long love affair with efficiency, does not mean that 21st century man will be similarly enamored. Why not? There is indeed a very simple reason. Obsessing too much over doing stuff more efficiently blinds us to whether we should be doing that stuff at all.  Ooops!

And so we read about “disruption” of business models – even how to disrupt the disrupters.  There is a new god emerging. The god of “why?” Why do we do things this way? Ignore the god of why at your peril!  Asking why and answering the question based on evidence — not just belief — opens the door to intelligence.



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