Andrew Carnegie and Wealth Generation

Well, we all know that Andrew Carnegie started poor but ened up as the richest man int he world. He sold his steel works to J.P Morgan for an unbelievable sum. And when he conjectured what would have happened if he had demanded much more? Morgan said he would have paid it.

right. so in terms of success as value added, Carnegie cannot be ignored. What was his secret? How did he manage to generate so much value added? Carnegie himself believed that it was not his individual genius, but his application of certain principles. What were they? Here is a list of ten.

The first of the ten is to “define your purpose”. In the article, the explanatoin is

Create a plan of action and start working toward it immediately.

Well, this  is not really what a purpose is. A purpose is the thing that engages you. It makes you get up in the morning. It is what seduces you to get out of yourself and into the real world. You define it when you translate the abstraction (like I would like to be rich) into a tangible interpretation of what “rich” means.

got that? Good. do it.


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