Creating Time

“Where does the time go?” I hear that question at moments when friends feel nostalgic for a given experience that they had enjoyed int he past.  They would like to experience more of what they had got.

But we know that the amount of time spent enjoying a given thing does not moment for moment add to its pleasure. Indeed, our capacity for such pleasure is limited. And we know that adding pleasure upon pleasure does not produce happiness.

So perhaps we need to take a moment to re-think our relationship with time itself. Any moment might give us incredible happiness. Indeed every moment could in one way or another. But there is a condition. We must be ready to receive it.

Consider this quote about some quiet moments spent with Leonard Cohen (from Brain Pickings)

Sitting still with his aged Japanese friend, sipping Courvoisier, and listening to the crickets deep into the night, was the closest he’d come to finding lasting happiness, the kind that doesn’t change even when life throws up one of its regular challenges and disruptions.

“Nothing touches it,” Cohen said, as the light came into the cabin, of sitting still… Going nowhere, as Cohen described it, was the grand adventure that makes sense of everywhere else


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