Want to Change Your Life?

Most of us do want to change our lives, but not too much. We also want to hold onto what we consider to be “precious”. And what is so precious? Perhaps it is our identity – the sense that we are the authors of our own life histories. As authors, we want to decide ourselves what changes to make.

And that is the rub. Usually we have little or no idea of what changes those would be. We don’t know and we cannot listen to others, or lose our precious sense of identity. So we get stuck.

There is a way out, of course, Instead of trying to change ourselves, we might commit to changing things outside of ourselves. Make something better — just a little bit — and the world changes for the better. Whether you change or not is not really important. You are the author of change and that is a great life story in itself.

Having said all of that, you might want to access a few books that can help you focus better. Here is a list from Legal Nomads


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