Celebrating Neurodiversity

I will come clean. I did not see the term “neurodiversity” before yesterday. I had not even considered the idea that is behind it very carefully.

So what is that idea? The idea is that not all humans think alike. Not all of us have the same capacity or even use the same processes to become who we are. Some of us, such as folks with autism or dyslexia or assbergers, have issues that force them to deal with reality in different ways. In the old days, these folks were considered to be sick. They were pitied, but not accepted.  But should it be that way?

Some would argue that the answer is “no”. Even if these folks may not be able to achieve at the highest level, it does not mean that they cannot achieve at all. It does not mean that they should be ostracised, And yet they are. Check this article out to consider this issue in more detail.


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