Life as Emotional Journey

It is a truism by now that humans are essentially emotional creatures.  Our emotions either make sense of our experiences or not. Our intellect is a tool that helps emotions connect with given story lines. For this reason, we might think of life as an emotional journey.

Indeed, learning as well is an emotional journey. Here is an interesting thought along those lines

Emotional design is an upcoming trend in eLearning design. It says that through the use of right instruction strategies and creative design, eLearning courses can develop a connection with the learners. Completion rate is one of the biggest problems in eLearning and the right emotional design seem to the offer solution for the same. When the learner is emotionally connected with the courses, he/ she better comprehends the concepts and the chances of completion increase.

Building loyalty to a learning process is the starting point. And learners need markers for each stage of their experiences. If they fall out of that system, they stop learning. The path is closed.


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