The Mindset to Rule all Others

A while ago, Fred Wilson wrote about the coming competition between manufacturers of home machines to be the digital home center. The fridge will compete against the TV and the oven and on and on. Why? Because each wants to make their own digital ecology and not all of these ecologies will coexist.

Fred speculated that the ecology that dominates will be the one that develops fastest. And the digital ecology that develops most rapidly will be the one that has the shortest life span – the mobile phone. The more opportunities to sell new mobile devices, the more opportunities to upgrade the device. So the cheapest device will rule all of the other more expensive ones. We are already seeing this with the car, as G;M cedes valuable cockpit space to Apple.

Interesting. And more interesting when you apply this mode of thought to mindsets. Not all mindsets are equal. Some produce more than others. Some influence more. Some are more creative. Which one will rule them all? Using the above analogy, it will be the one that iterates the most frequently.

So how do mindsets iterate? Mindsets iterate when they move along the most powerful storylines. Jobs had a powerful mindset, for example. His storyline was about making digital devices magical. The rest of the world was ready for that and bought the concept. And the storyline began. IMax, IPod, IPhone, and IPad. Each new device producing a new type of magic that built on the last.

So how to find a powerful storyline? That is a strategic question. You start by thinking backwards.


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