Tracking Tools

Lists are perhaps the simplest and bet tools that help us track where we are and where we are going. So what lists do you — and hsould you  — maintain?

Trying to manage too many lists leads to burnout. But too few, and you lose out of important data. This link suggests the following lists

  • goals
  • tasks
  • contacts
  • expenses
  • tools
  • self-improvements
  • creative ideas
  • future plans
  • contingency plans
  • bucket list

Do you agree that the above are critical and sufficient? I am not sure that I would. First, I think ten is too many. For example “goals” and “future plans” are clearly related – so shouldn’t they merge into a single list that includes objectives and paths to get there?” Second, there is no unifying theme that connects these lists. The unifying theme is what delivers the logic to data retention.

so what is your unifying theme? It is the narrative voice to your life story.


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