The Focus on Process

This video from BI is about sports. More specifically, it is about how one improves his or her play by improving one’s ability to focus. The lesson comes from the Japanese Samurai, who understood the value of focus in upgrading their fighting abilities in battle. And this less applies beyond sports and beyond work.

Here is the key question — how much during the day do you focus on process and how much do you focus on results? If you are focusing on results, you are focusing on something that you cannot really control. If your focus is on process, you should be able to see a path to upgrading what you do.Remember – you cannot control results. But you can and should control the process that you use to get there.

We can spice this up a bit with a bit of wisdom from Steve Jobs. Jobs famously said that it is a real eye opener to realize that all of the things around you were created by folks who are no smarter than you are. This applies to process as well. When you focus on process, you are focusing on your process – not something that other people do, but what you do. And because you are unique as an individual, only you can see the processes that affect how you live.


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