The Power of the Mantra

For the last year, I have been building a habit. My early morning walk. I need this walk because I lead a relatively sedentary life. I sit behind a desk far too long for my own good. Over the years, i have gotten used to this, so much so, that it is hard to imagine being active.  So getting into this habit has been a challenge.

So far so good. And the one thing that has seen me through the development phase has been a mantra. I use the mantra whenever I feel a moment of weakness. When I hear myself say “Perhaps we don’t need to walk today …” The mantra is my answer. It is “This walk is the only thing that keeps you going.”

Mantras work and we should use them more. Here is a story of a young lady who needed a powerful mantra to help her lose 200 pounds. She succeeded.


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