Writing Style Checklist: Step 1

So you want to write well? Great! Join the club! Most of us want to write well, but few know the path to take in order to get there. Let’s see if we can find that path. Ready?

Start off with a simple proposition

great writing is great editing

No one writes great pieces the first go round. We are just not hard wired that way. To write well, we need to get words out on the page and read them critically, making changes to improve the quality of the text.

So don’t do what I used to do as a young man. Stare at the page waiting for the perfect sentence to arrive like the king in his golden carriage. Don’t write write slowly as if each word has to be perfect. A sentence comes out. Then it is crossed out. No! It’s not good enough! Then again! Stop this silliness!

If you put pen to paper and create a writing flow, words will come and that is good. But they will not create a highly effective piece of writing. That only comes with editing. So let the words flow and be prepared to edit. That is step one.

Remember this and you will have a tool in hand. Onward!


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