Post Career: The Adjustment

One of the problems with being a human being is that we tend not to see the future very well. Humans are just not good at that. For that reason, we tend to get blind-sided by changes imposed form the outside. Like when we lose a job or have to retire. Ouch!

Indeed, research shows that we tend to be biased in our decision making to “loss aversion”. We value what we have to an irrational degree when we might lose it – even if losing it means finding an even more valuable new opportunity or gain. So we tend to put on the blinders and plod forward with the routines that we have in place.

But times are changing and they are making the old fashioned idea of long term career less the norm. In other words, we should become more used to losing a job and moving on from jobs. How do we do this? One way to get out of your comfort zone is to accept that adjustments don’t just happen. They take time to get used to. Consider this  comment from a recently retired man (from Forbes)

“One day I was a financial planner and the next day I wasn’t,” Jones recalls. “It probably took me five years to really adjust….”

If we anticipate that adjustments are hard, we will be forewarned to make them less painful.


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