Learning: Willpower and Small Steps Forward

A small experiment offers some interesting results. When people take on a learning challenge, can we predict which ones in the group will learn more? Perhaps so. Those who take on the challenge for a “grand purpose” tend to give up earlie

People are often very motivated in the beginning of any challenge by setting a big goal for themselves, and there’s nothing wrong with this at all. However, I’ve found that without other motivation, you can lose steam after a week or two. Why? Because you don’t achieve the big goal in a week or two, and in fact if it’s a long ways away, after a couple of weeks you might not be much closer. So go ahead and set a big goal, but have something else that will motivate you in the short term.r.

Very good point. This does not mean, however, that having a big vision is harmful or useless. To the contrary, I think it is essential as a way to anchor the story line. It is critical to understand, however, that it achieving that goal will not make you happier. Seeing it is just a starting point.


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