From Hive to Eco-Campus

What will work look like in 2040? Ray Kurzweil thinks that we will be cyborgs already – with our brains directly enhanced by web connection. In other words, work may look a lot like meditation.

but we may still need to interact socially – and I hope that we do. Indeed, I am pretty sure that we will. How will work look at a social level+

Johnson Controls has some thoughts on this that Forbes has summarized. Our homes will be more like “hives”. Think about services in the home that enhance your rest as well as prepare you for what you need to do. When we need to connect in real time, we may use a phive. We call that transportation now. Well, we will not need to drive. Instead, our phive enables us to connect with digital services as needed until we get to our eco-campus. that is whwere our social interactions take place.

One thing is clear from this. The flow of our work will be different. And opportunities to enhance productivity much greater. Hold onto your hat!


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