Career and Post Career: How We Make Choices

Neuro Doho makes an interesting point about how he and others choose career paths.

… it’s easy to forget that when people are choosing careers, particularly very early, they have choices. And the options are wiiiiiiiiide open. It takes very, very little to nudge people into one path that leads to one career, and even less to derail them from a path that leads to another.

His main point is that our choices are deeply affected by the people we listen to, both in a positive and negative way.

It may appear that our choices are less wide open later in life. But why is that true? It is true when we choose to make it so. When we commit to paths that allow no deviation. It is not true for any inherent reason.

My point — there is value in keeping options open as you go through career and post career lives. that is at the core of post-career thinking. our choice framework is just opening up.


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