The Barefoot Contessa on Having Fun

Ina Garten is the Barefoot Contessa. Or, I should say that she is the real person behind the brand.  She dumped her career in Washington to run a food store and catering business, dumped the catering business and then dumped the store. Then she did nothing for a while.  her comment

“Type A people think they can figure out what to do next while they’re doing something, and they can’t,” Garten advised, beaming at the crowd. “An important part of changing and figuring out what to do next is you have to just stop. I had to get good and bored before I could decide what was next – I thought maybe I’ll write a cookbook while I figure it out.”

Good point. And this final advice is as well

Garten gave poignant advice to her twenty-something self: “Do what you love. If it’s fun, you’ll be really good at it. And don’t worry so much.”


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