Practice Regime: Feeling the Pain

Over the years, I have developed some robust tools to track what I do during the day. I started doing this when I was practicing law, and indeed, I had no choice back then as we billed out our time in tenths of an hour. But the funny thing is that with all of this tracking, I failed to track one of the most important aspects of work.

What is that? Think about it for a second. What are the most important things you need to know about yourself? Well, for one, you need to know what activities bring meaning into your life. These are translated into projects and activities. And we need to track how well we are doing. Success tracking – a key component of gamifying your life.

Anything else? There is at least one more thing. And that is what things are hard to do. Where were the bumps in the road? What went wrong during the day and why? Ooops! This is the starting point for a learning agenda, isn’t it?


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