Post Career: Saying No to Pensions in Germany

This might surprise you

(Silke) Wommelsdorf is part of a growing trend of 50- and 60-something Germans who are quitting steady jobs to test the uncertain waters of entrepreneurialism. According to Frankfurt-based research institute KFW, one in 10 new start-ups in Germany has a founder over 55 at the helm. This in a country better known for established giants like Bosch and Mercedes than for its entrepreneurial culture.

The trend is real and it is growing. Middle aged and older Germans are thinking more and more about using their knowledge and skills to work for themselves rather than point to retiring on a pension.  USA Today reports.

And this is not just in Germany. It will be a global trend. Here in Tartu, we are preparing a course to help folks start planning for this life style. Interested?


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