More Books! Hey, Let’s Save the world!

Want to save the world? Read these three books first!

Don’t have time?

Ok – then remember this from Peter Drucker

If you are not creating new value you are not an entrepreneur; the corner laundromat, a fast food franchise, and a car wash do not qualify as entrepreneurism, not unless they fundamentally change the business model. Drucker is blunt about the bar that needs to be hurdled but also the tremendous value for those who do make the mark.

And this from Clay Christianson

Markets shift what they value suddenly and abruptly once a new, more affordable innovation takes over an incumbent. Once that happens incumbents are almost always in a position where they cannot catch up. As an entrepreneur this means that you can fly under the radar until your value is easier for them to buy than build; this is the quintessential exit strategy.

And this from  Trout and Ries

… get into the mind of your buyers and position your brand to be synonymous with a very specific point of pain and never ever let go of that position; focus relentlessly, reinforce it, substantiate it. Far too many entrepreneurs wait too long to do this and instead fall into the category of ambiguity. Without a solid brand you are adrift in a sea of noise.


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