21st Century Thinking: Deconstructing the Neo Village

The 20th century was all about agglomeration and scaling. the reason was simple. Producing at scale produces incredible economies of scale. Big markets need  big producers, big distributors and big retailers and on an d on – not to mention big media.

Will this trend continue? Well, some think that cities will grow a lot more in the 21st century. But there is a competing view of where we are headed. If you think about it, living in a anonymous, huge metropolis may not be ideal.  Remember the movie Brazil? If living this way is not ideal, why would people do it?

In the old days, the answer would be that they have no choice.Big cities are where the action is. But what if there were more choices? What would an ideal choice look like? Would it look more like a village? VB thinks it does and argues that we will see a growing village mentality over the next years. I agree.


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