Spence: Why Argue?

This my first post on Gerry Sence’s book “How to Argue and Win Every Time”. We will talk a stroll through the book to uncover its core ideas and we start with Gerry’s argument about why this matters.

We might do well by taking a look at ourselves as  a species. While mankind has advanced tremendously in a technological sense, mankind still by and large relies on coercion instead of communication in managing relationships between ourselves.Our love of justice wilts while our military budgets soar. Sad, isn’t it?

We can do better. But to do better, we need to understand what makes communication without coercion work. That is to learn how to argue. Argument is an art that can be mastered by anyone. One masters it from the “inside out” so to speak. By getting in touch with our inner selves and projecting them out in an honest way.

I know of no one who has done this better than Gerry Spense. In this book, he lays out what he knows so that he can reveal himself.


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