Post Career: The Introduction

I mentioned a while ago that we are putting together a short term course here in Tartu about how to develop life beyond career. More concretely, how does on plan to have a great life beyond one’s work?

This is about retirement, but it is not just about retirement. It is about something bigger. And that bigger thing is what drives us forward in life to get the fullest enjoyment from it?

So we start by asking what motivates us? We know something about this. And we know that successful careers offer these things. So far so good. But is it true that one can only get them within the structure of a career?

Now things get fun. The answer, of course, is “no”-. We can design great lives as we go choosing career paths that are useful at that time without committing to that alone. And those design principles apply to any moment in life.

Design thinking leads to better strategy. Better strategy leads to widened opportunities. Widened opportunities leads to deeper meaning.

That is the intro.


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