Practice Regime: Managing Energy

Unfortunately, life brings crisis. Indeed, life is fully of crisis. Our ability to manage these crises plays a huge role in how successful we will be in life. But this is not a post about crisis management. It is instead about a side effect of crisis – crisis depletes energy.  And energy depletion is a problem that most of us have to deal with.

The question is how to manage energy so that we have enough to do the things in life that we love. Btw, not just manage crisis. We are not taught how to do this in school. But there are ways to do it. We can manage our levels of physical energy, as well as mental and emotional energy. And we should do so aggressively.

Here are just a few tips. For physical energy management do at least one form of physical exertion per day. It need not be exhausting, but it should raise your heart rate for some minutes. I do this by walking. For mental energy. Mental energy is stimulated by asking yourself questions. Develop a list of questions that you are working on and monitor it. For emotional energy. Gratitude is the font of emotional energy. Reinforce your thankfulness each day. Why each day? Because gratitude wears off. You need to keep filling the tank.


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