Post Career: Loving Who You Are

I remember back when I had a job as a paralegal for a major Washington DC law firm. The job itself was not that big  a deal.  On the other hand, it gave me the opportunity to work for some amazing people. They were obviously very cool. They were on the fast track. And I got a kick out of being connected with them, even if I was just a peon in that institution.

Years have gone by, and I have very different views about myself and my relationships with others.  And yet, one thing has not changed at all. I still get a kick out of who I am connected with. I still need to see my life story as part of a larger mosaic. Not just any mosaic, but a beautiful one.

that is the odd thing about self love. We earn it by connecting to stuff that is bigger than we are. Career is bigger than we are by definition. But post career? Well, that is a different story.


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