21st Century thinking: Connection Upgrades

You might ask yourself, “how am I connected to what is going on around me?” With a 20th century mindset, the answer would like be through career, family and experiences. In some cases, the answer might also include locality.

There is nothing wrong with that. But notice that these categories relate generally to how we connect – either through what we do or who we are close to. What is missing? Something is missing, and it is something that people started talking about a while ago – how to upgrade our connections.

the talk about connection upgrades usually is about achieving a better work – life balance. Less work, more life. Life is a synonym for finding better connections to what we do for pleasure and who we enjoy being with. It is only more recently that the talk about upgrading connection started to include the notion of better work environments. This book “Connection Culture” is an example of that relatively new way of thinking.

This is just the beginning. As better connective tools evolve,  humanity will be in a position to use high grade connection to achieve levels of creativity that seem impossible now.

Hold on to your hat!


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