Practice Regime: Breathing and Sleep

Like a lot of people, I suddenly reached a point when my sleep patterns got screwed up. I was waking up at odd hours and unable to get back to sleep right away. And I started to get nervous whether this would get worse.

It took a while, but I  figured out a way to get beyond this issues. The first is regular light exercise. I found that if I walk every day — and it really doesn’t matter how far — I slept better. I think raising the heart rate just a tad helped burn off sugars and other stuff that build up in the system during the day. If I walked 2 times a day, I tended to sleep pretty well.

But I was still waking up a lot. And when I woke, I got nervous about whether I could fall back asleep. Then I bumped into a breathing trick that helps me do just that. I was surprised that it worked but it does. It made me think that my sleep problems may be connected to breathing issues that arise during sleep. And I saw this article that argues some people have this type of disorder.  I am not 100% convinced, but I am thinking about it and working on my breathing.

Stay tuned!


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