Lafley & Martin: Summing Up

This is the last post in this series on Lafley & Martin’s business strategy book “Playing to Win”.  We have gone through the strategic model (the iterative questions), the logic flow and the choice model. There is just one more thing to do. Provide some indicators of when strategy is working and when it is not.

Six strategy traps

  1. The do it all strategy – where choices have not really been made
  2. The Don Quixote Strategy – attacking a heavily defended position
  3. The Watterloo Strategy – fighting on multiple fronts
  4. The Something for Everyone strategy – markets have segments for reaons
  5. The Dreams that Never come True Strategy – Grand statements instead of making choices
  6. The program of the month strategy – chasing after whta everyone else is chasing

Six signs of a winning strategy

  1. An activity system that is different from your competitors
  2. Customers who adore you and hate you
  3. Competitors are doing fine – and don’t need to attack your niche
  4. You have more resources to spend than competitors do
  5. Competitors attack one another not you
  6. Customers look first to you fro innovation

That’s it for Lafley & Martin – good luck with your strategy building!


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