Practice Regime: Tracking Habits

Your life is ultimately what you do every day. How well you do these things, therefore,  has a huge impact on the quality of your life.  Strategic thinking helps to identify what things you can do now to position yourself for the future. And one of the most important strategic tool for life design is tracking your progress.

So how well do you track your daily habits? Good question. I started getting into this when I worked as a lawyer. Lawyers sell their time, and so I had to track the time I spent in six minute intervals. that, I learned, requires quite a bit of discipline. It also pays off if you keep at it.

Since then, I have developed more nuanced tracking tools. Not just for deadlines and project status, but for building capacity. How can you do that?`Well, this post might help you. But whether you read it or not, do think about your tracking regime. It is critical for liv9ing the good life.


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