Practice Regime: An Update on Walking

It was about four or five years ago when I realized that physically I might be headed for some trouble. Too much sitting down over the years was re-shaping my body. I had lost touch with my health to an alarming degree.

The realization hit me after a bout with pneumonia coupled with asthma. I could not breath very well which meant I could not walk every well. After the pneumonia subsided, I managed to discover the source of my asthma – white bread. That, btw, took around a year. With my asthma under control, I began to think about my overall physical condition.

It was not a pretty sight. I realized that I had developed a very sedentary lifestyle. So I started a practice regime – walking every day. Since then, I kept to this (except for a few months when I fell out of the routine).

So how has it helped? For one thing, my walking has given me confidence that I am least no longer on the downward slope. At least as important, it has strengthened my legs and stomach and I have lost a bit of weight – though not as much as I might have thought.

so is it worth it? The walking itself (around one mile before breakfast) is no big deal. Moreover, there are no serious concerns about body wear and tear. So the costs are minor. The benefits are significant and long term.


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